Hoard of the Dragon Queen

At the Raiders Camp

18 Mirtul, 1489

Ambushing the Guards

The group decided their best bet was to don the black robes they took from the guards that ambushed them the night before. They sent Kim to approach the camp; she would tell them that there was a small group of scouts approaching from Greenest and bring a few unsuspecting guards back to an ambush, giving the party easier entrance.

Unfortunately, the guards didn’t seem to care about Kim’s story. They told her to head into the camp and get to work, and that they would take care of the scouts once they got closer.


When Kim didn’t return, Rick, Barthandelus, and Tyrod decided to investigate. They walked into the camp without much trouble, blending right into the crowd. Kim wasn’t so lucky—a guard recognized her as the Champion of Greenest and immediately called for support.

Rick and Tyrod, recognizing trouble, grabbed Kim and followed orders to detain her at the back of the camp, where they spotted Leosin Erlanthar tied to a stake.


While “disarming” her, Tyrod hid a dagger in Kim’s tunic to allow an escape at an opportune moment. Both Rick and Tyrod were promptly sent off to work, holding a post at a guard tower for a few hours.

A Daring Escape…

Frulam Mondath recognized Kim, Rick and Tyrod rang the alarm bell, Kim cut her and Leosin’s ties to escape

Captured, Again

Guards caught the entire party in the frenzy and they were all tied up again

Leosin…Saves the Party?

Leosin had an escape plan all along; he pulled a dagger from his boot and quietly freed the group during a change in guard; they managed to get to a cliff wall before being spotted. Kim struggled to climb the wall, but Rick managed to catch her and help her regain her grip. Despite multiple volleys of spears being lobbed at them by guards, the group managed to scale the cliff and escape captivity in the raider camp.


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