The quality of life one can enjoy in the Realms is based on income and station. Below is a rough guide to the different levels of lifestyle people on the Sword Coast can enjoy, and at what cost.

Lifestyle Price/Day Price/Year
Squalid 1sp 36gp
Poor 2sp 73gp
Modest 1gp 365gp
Comfortable 2gp 730gp
Wealthy 4gp 1460gp
Aristocratic 10gp minimum 3650gp minimum

Wretched. The poorest of beggars and untouchables live in inhumane conditions, sheltering wherever they can and always haunted by the specters of violence, hunger, and disease. Those living in wretched conditions are beneath the notice of most people.

Squalid. These “lucky” souls have a leaky roof to shelter under, but live in places rife with disease, hunger, and misfortune. They are beneath the notice of most people, and have few legal protections.

Poor. The largest share of people on the Sword Coast live poverty. Simple food and lodgings, threadbare clothing, and unpredictable conditions result in a sufficient, though often unpleasant, experience. The poor benefit from some legal protections, but still have to contend with violence, crime, and disease. They are typically viewed as ignorant, disreputable, and disposable by those of higher station.

Modest. The second largest share of Sword Coast denizens live a modest lifestyle that keeps them out of the slums. They don’t go hungry or thirsty, and their living conditions are clean, if simple. Ordinary people living modest lifestyles include soldiers with families, laborers, students, priests, hedge wizards, and the like.

Comfortable. Those who live comfortable lives often own property in middle-class neighborhoods or private cottages in the countryside. They include merchants, skilled tradespeople, and military officers.

Wealthy. The wealthy enjoy lives of luxury, though they might not have achieved the social status associated with the old money of nobility or royalty. The wealthy include highly successful merchants, favored servants of royalty, or owners of a few small businesses. They often own a spacious home in a good part of town and can regularly enjoy a comfortable suite at a fine inn. They likely have a small staff of servants.

Aristocratic. A rare few in the Realms enjoy life at this level, moving in circles populated by the most powerful people in the community. They have excellent lodgings in the nicest part of town, dine at the best restaurants, retain the most skilled and fashionable tailor, and have servants attending to their every need. Yet they must also contend with the highest levels of deceit and treachery. The wealthier you are, the greater the chance you will be drawn into political intrigue as a pawn or participant.

It is possible for those who fall into a little money to live beyond their means for a time, only to sink back down once the money runs out. Those who fall into a lot of money can often permanently raise their standard of living, those their rise might not be welcomed by their new peers.


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